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    Apartments in panamera 1

    Panamera One is the first project of Panamera Company and every parent love his first child the most, secretely. Panamera building is constructed with high quality materials and attention is given to every small detail and made to be the first page of every other future project.
    Innovation on market of Bosnia and Herzegovina is that this building is created to return invested money to buyer and owner of apartment. You want to know how?

  • Apartment 1

    Aparthotel is constructed as self-catering apartments which means that every apartment have living room, kitchen, dinning room, bedrooms, bathroom and restroom. But, this business structure is organised as hotel with reception, restaurant, caffe bars, cleaning stuff, room service, dry cleaning, security, video surveillance and many other things.

  • apartment 2

    Buyer who want to rent his apartment and who is not whole year in Bosnia and Herzegovina have a chance to return investment and get percentage of renting own apartment under the name of Panamera. We are finding and bringing customers for you.