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What distinguishes us from others, is how we offer different solutions to our clients after they buy apartment in our building. The company Panamera have extensive experience in business with tourists and organizing a variety of additional activities. Our vision is a travel agency that will be located in the building where are we selling the apartments and that agencywill deal with the organization of the reception, stay and departure of tourists coming in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All this of course with the use of resources that will be given to us from our clients for managing with management fee of course. The company Panamera will be there to meet all interested clients or customers and flats offer management of its assets. As we already mentioned, we have plenty of experience in dealing with tourists and already we have excellent connections with travel agencies abroad, and they are willing to cooperate with us.

When a client decides to cooperate with us, we pick up the keys to his apartment and put it on the rental market. Photos of his Apartment sending to our partner travel agencies and on that way we are atracting potential tourists who are the interested to stay at his apartment. This guest gets to the airport and organize complete his stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to their wishes and possibilities. Organization of travel including transportation, housing, food, money exchange, private driver, apartment and staircases hygiene, optional excursions, security, insurance during their stay in BiH, medical services (we should not forget that in near our building is the thermal spa, which is ideal for the elderly and recovery), as well as everything else you would need an average tourists.

Of course, there will be a whole team of people, and that will be the employees of our company, and who will care for purity of the apartments, maintenance of greenery around the building, food, transportation, video and physical security receptionist, etc. What the buyer of the apartment has all of this is of course the money that he would be paid for renting his estate.

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